Hirte GmbH & Co. KG
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Applications and forms

Formalities in contemporary format.

Form and administration management

We know our way around forms. We are German, after all.

Hard to believe, but true: we love paperwork. So much so that we have made it our career. In the financial services industry in particular, applications and forms need to be updated regularly. The main challenge is making changes in a way that is structured and free of subsequent errors. We do this not only in traditional formats, but also digital ones. Hirte has not only gathered a lot of expertise in structured processing and administration of documents and template letters in recent years, but is also happy to pass this experience and specialist knowledge on.

PDF solutions

We even send your data into the future.

We make your forms ready for tomorrow. Restructuring your files can help make it possible to manage and maintain not only their visible, but also invisible elements at an acceptable price. Accessibility, for example, is gaining ever more traction. This includes, for instance, stored image descriptions or elements (tags) that govern the order in which content is read. Archivability and the use of intelligent, automatically readable forms are other aspects on which we can provide advice and assistance.

Redesign and usability

Pleasant contract and application forms.

Even the most beautiful form can be improved upon. That is why a redesign that improves the usability and legibility is often a sensible choice when changes are being made. Even if it sounds unbelievable: with help from Hirte, even terms and conditions or contractual agreements can be made easy to read and attractive. Make use of our years of experience in the finance sector and work together with us to develop new solutions for you.