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A system suited to the workflows. Not the other way around.

Artwork Creation Process

Our packaging system is as unique as you. And you. And you.

As a media services provider, we want to simultaneously stand for creativity and process expertise. With this in mind, we work with a system that includes every phase of the packaging life cycle and manages each step in a way that is clearly organised and avoids friction. That means: we always have the briefing, artwork, to-do list, timings, status reports, final approval and data delivery to hand and under control.

We carry out our work without format disruptions. In other words, approval via smartphone or tablet is a matter of course. And, thanks to the soft-proof viewer, we can quickly and easily coordinate changes and corrections.

Do you want to know more – about life cycle management (LCM) and total quality management (TQM), for example? Ask us! We provide the answers.

From dummy to print data

Because we know how.

Only when hiking is the scenic route the better choice. We take this point seriously and have brought the different subsegments of packaging production as close together as possible.
Thus, final artwork, image retouching, 3D simulation, special colour development and technical printing preparation interlock seamlessly.
Over the course of a project, we keep the different work areas together as far as possible so that no detailed information is lost. And that has several advantages: it not only allows us to react quickly and securely, but also to keep costs low.

Rework in Progress

Not just for the project alone.

We understand packaging better than most others. And we are happy to pass this expertise on to you.

Whether it is in creation, adaptions or dummy development, accompanying support or comprehensive order coordination: if you get us on board early on, you will always be on the safe side when it comes to feasibility and production costs.